Productivity of knowledge work

Electronic working environment facilitates your everyday life

We will help you build a useful and advantageous intranet or electronic desktop.

A functional electronic working environment will improve collaboration between people and teams, accelerates the efficiency of knowledge work and customer service, and engages employees in the goals and values of the organisation. It is a critical channel from the point of view of management, employees and communication alike. It is often a lot more than a place for internal communication – it is a place for working and sharing information.

You know what is going on in your organisation and projects

You get information across teams, projects and units, regardless of time and place, as the transparency of your organisation improves. You have to spend less time in meetings and exchanging e-mails.

You can focus on the essential part of your work.

It is easy to find, utilise and share the people, information and knowledge important to your work. You can utilise them in planning the future, solving a problem or serving a customer.

Serving as part of the management system off your organisation

Enables discussion on problems and current issues of daily work, and dialogue between management and employees on future challenges and targets of development.



This is how we help

At Digia we conceptualise, plan and carry out different electronic working environments from community intranets to electronic desktops. They can be utilised anytime and anywhere, and they enable your organization to improve the productivity and quality of the work of experts and customer service providers. In our work, we acknowledge the increasing amount of interactive work: finding and asking for information, answering questions, utilising and reusing existing content and information, as well as creation, planning and iteration of concepts. 



  • Boosts the work and collaboration of people and teams
  • Makes people, contents, tools and instructions required in different situation easily available
  • Makes business key figures and reports easily available
  • Reduces time required for searching and finding information
  • Enhances information sharing across teams, projects and units
  • Helps build a community spirit within the organisation, engage employees and adopt common methods of work
  • Helps management in showing direction and communicating changes


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