Digia Salpa

100 % Finnish solution for secure communication

In today’s increasingly digital world, ensuring that your communications are safe from prying eyes and ears requires special measures. Digia Salpa protects the privacy of your calls and messages on any device. It also helps to protect society’s critical functions.

The product is designed for operators who need to ensure the security and privacy of their communications and to be able to communicate confidential information.

When privacy is critical, Digia Salpa is the answer.


A safe, comprehensive communications solution


Voice encryption
Digia Salpa safeguards confidential conversations. The parties have strong authentication.

Message encryption
Digia Salpa protects instant messages between users or within a group. The messages have a controlled life cycle; archiving and destruction have been taken into account.

Situation Centre
The Digia Salpa system is managed at the Situation Centre on an organisation-specific basis. As a high usability system, it can also be geographically decentralised.


Can be incorporated into existing devices. Digia Salpa works on modern smart phones, tablets and PCs.


The interface is straightforward and easy to use. Settings and contacts are managed via the Situation Centre.


Digia Salpa is a Finnish system designed from national and European premises. Security controls can be personalised and the source code audited.


Key specifications

  • Strong encryption of speech 
  • Strong encryption of messages 
  • Strong authentication (subject to configuration)
  • Possibility of multiple encryption
  • Situation Centre functions 
  • Scalable, distributable high-availability background system 
  • Also works across VPNs
  • Auditable source code
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