Successful e-commerce and more efficient 

E-commerce or e-business?

Both and more: E-commerce is much more than just a product catalogue on the internet

It is identifying, motivating, inspiring and activating potential customers and generating customer relationships and sales. It typically covers multiple channels: In addition to the Internet, e-commerce travels around in people’s pockets, features in calls to customer service, ties in with interaction on social media, and also has a strong presence in your store. Instead of just focusing on technological channels, the key is to create high-quality experiences for customers and meaningful contents, as well as to provide seamless customer relationships regardless of the channel. The customer’s experience is the foundation of competitiveness. 

We help you to have profitable and effective encounters with your customers.

Improve your customers’ experience and grow your business

Improve your customers’ experience and grow your business by integrating your online store and its inspiring contents seamlessly with your other sales channels, marketing, and customer service.

Boost the efficiency of your sales and customer service

Boost the efficiency of your sales and customer service by having all the data used in your online store move automatically between different systems. The time saved can be spent, for example, to market your online store and to convert visitors into customers. Increase sales and provide a better experience for your customers.

Make your organisation more accessible

E-commerce and an active online presence take your organisation closer to potential customers and make it more accessible: For many people, the Internet has become the first point of contact in finding help and information about products and services. Easy access to services via multiple channels has become an increasingly integral part of organisations’ service portfolio and the buying process. Make your online store and its contents available to your customers wherever they are.

This is how we help

We design and build online stores and related services, and help convert visitors into paying customers, increase the average order size, and provide user experiences that inspire and activate customers and promote customer loyalty. However, we are not limited to designing the user experience and layout; we also help you to use customer information to improve your customer relationships and contents, build loyalty, support your customers’ buying process, develop customer loyalty schemes, and choose your sales channels. 

Our experts have several years of experience of different kinds of ERP, logistics, customer management, product information management, cash register and payment systems, so that you can use our solid know-how to integrate your online store with your most important information systems. 


  • Turn the Internet into a lean, mean selling machine
  • Provide better and more flexible services to your customers, 24/7, in several languages
  • Convert visitors into paying customers
  • Increase the average order size with the help of up-selling and cross-selling techniques and intelligent recommendations
  • Increase the profitability and efficiency of your sales by optimising your service offering and contents
  • Attract more genuine visitors and increase your conversion rate
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers and collect valuable information about their needs
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