Markets and Digia's market position



Digia is a digital business innovator that primarily operates in the Finnish IT service and software market. Our customers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their customer experience and competitiveness. Digia stands out from its competitors by offering versatility, compatibility and profound expertise in organisations’ core processes and their supporting operational systems. 

In 2017, the Finnish IT service market had a total value of about EUR 3.6 billion and a growth rate of just under 2 per cent (source: Gartner Forecast, IT Services, Worldwide, 2015–2021, 2017/Q4 Update). Although Digia expects overall growth in the IT market to remain moderate, our major new service segments, such as digital services and e-commerce, are expected to grow significantly faster than the market as a whole. 

The structure of the IT service market is undergoing a transition. As a consequence, IT investments are shifting from the upkeep and further development of traditional IT systems to the development of new digital services. The companies that generate added-value for their customers are those that not only understand their customer’s business and earnings logic, but also have a strong understanding of their customer’s industry and its trends. Service providers must likewise have credible and verified technical expertise and project management know-how. Therefore, being sufficiently large and having a good track record are vital competitive advantages.

Digia operates in this growing section of the IT market and primarily focuses on the delivery of new digital services, the integration of existing and new IT solutions, and industry-specific application solutions. 

Digia’s market position 

Digia’s main competitors are system integrators with high net sales and an extensive range of services and end-to-end solutions. Our second set of major competitors are IT service providers that, while they have lower net sales, usually specialise and seek to claim market share from larger, established players by providing smaller and more customised partial solutions for major companies’ IT packages. 

Digia is more agile than the major system providers. Our competitive edge is based on our ability to provide a better overall service package than our smaller competitors while operating more agilely than our larger competitors. As a service provider, Digia operates between its main competitors with reliable resources, a comprehensive service offering, and the ability to react quickly to our customers’ needs. 

As a Finnish company, we can provide our customers with both the systems of a major company and help in adapting solutions and services to suit local conditions.

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