A new way of activating voters

With our help, you can organise elections easily.

Finnish trade unions, organisations, associations, cooperatives and companies organise several elections annually in order to select members for important positions, such as councils or representative bodies. However, if only the traditional voting methods tied to a specific time and place are used, the level of voting activity often remains lower than desired.

Organising elections is also a large effort for the party responsible for the organisation. Compiling candidate lists, delivering ballots and organising the voting itself require extra resources and arrangements, not to mention the counting of votes or publishing the results of the elections.

Why choose Digia’s e-voting application?

Ease of use

You can vote at any time using a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Identification is secure using online banking codes or alternatively a username and password.


The election organisers get the results quickly and easily.

We have nearly 10 years of experience in organising elections.

In cooperation with Edita Prima, we also offer comprehensive solutions for urn voting and postal voting.

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