Enterprise resource planning

Enabling new operation models and increasing competitive edge

What is enterprise resource planning? It is not just technology. The concept of enterprise resource planning includes all aspects of making your organisation carry out the tasks laid out in business strategy as effectively as possible. 


In a modern organisation, this entails thousands of daily procedures. Performance coordination and optimisation is not possible without systematic support, i.e. a capable ERP system.

An effectively utilised ERP system works in an organisation like a set of nerve paths, enabling employees to carry out their daily routines in an optimal way to achieve best possible results. A functional ERP solution also takes care of the correct timing of operative tasks. 

It is often difficult to justify the advantages of ERP projects with technical solutions. The savings resulting from this point of view are relatively small. True advantages are generated in developing operations.

In each organisation there is a certain amount of operational waste. At worst, this can amount to 10 per cent of revenue. Better resource planning can halve that waste. Thus, it is easy to understand that the five per cent released by development goes directly to the operating earnings of the company.

The development of operations can generate new services to customers. This brings us to even bigger questions.

Creating new services is always a risk. In the beginning, you cannot be sure of the success of the endeavour. Therefore it is essential that the methods and systems allow for agile piloting. New services have to be tested fast. The pilot project gives a firmer foundation for making the decision on the continuation of the service. The benefits of successful services can prove bigger than anticipated.

Maximising the benefits of an ERP system and generating genuine competitive edge requires an open-minded and creative approach.

Operational efficiency increases

Customer service is improved, and tasks can be carried out with optimal resources.

More with less

Enabling business growth without the need for linear increase of resources.

Enabling new business models

In today's business world, volume growth is pursued in more or less all industries by increasing service business.


With advanced methods and solutions, operations can be integrated throughout the business ecosystem. This improves the overall efficiency of the value chain and boosts business.

Most businesses are primarily steered by consumers

With new processes and tools, companies can generate services and solutions to the consumer interface. Feedback from this interface enables better understanding of the consumer and helps companies rationalise their business by developing products and services to better match consumer demands.

Independence from individuals

Well-defined processes are easy to implement and work reliably and independently from individual people. Temporary or permanent personnel changes do not disrupt business.


Accurate production can be achieved by high-level forecast models developed for the process. Waste is minimised in all phases of the process.

This is how we help

Digia has years of experience in enterprise resource planning. Our offering includes steering and optimisation solutions for trade, traditional industries, energy as well as managing investments and finances. Our product range comprises our own software products and solutions built on third-party products.


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