Case Gasum

Tools to support line operations


Finnish natural gas supplier Gasum wanted to introduce a unified ERP solution for all business areas and support processes within the group. One of the specific requirements for the new system was flexibility in adapting to changes in Gasum’s business and the operating environment of the energy sector.

The integrated system portfolio provided by Digia covers solutions for financial, energy information and customer relationship management as well as for maintenance, partner operations, and mobile work. Business information is managed centrally and is accessible at the group level in real time by all those who need it. Centralised data entry enhances operational efficiency across business areas and eliminates the need to make individual entries in numerous separate systems.


  • Integrated solution yields unified operating processes and greater work efficiency.
  • Flexible adaptation to changes in business.
  • Centralised business information management.
  • Unified solutions architecture and cost-efficiency under the control of the group’s IT management.

Services and solutions:

The comprehensive solution provided provided by Digia and its partners is a good fit for Gasum’s business needs and the quality targets set for the project.

Esa Hallivuori, Project Manager, Gasum Oy

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