Our partners

Comprehensive solutions based on Microsoft technologies

Microsoft has been one of Digia’s key partners for more than a decade. We offer our customers comprehensive solutions based on Microsoft’s technologies.

The partnership is directed and actively developed within the framework of Microsoft’s partnership program so that we can offer our customers a selection of solutions that is as complete, comprehensive and updated as possible.

Digia’s Gold competences are focused on application development, portal technologies, cloud technologies, CRM and ERP. In addition, Digia deepens the partnership by raising its Silver competences to the Gold level and aiming to achieve completely new competences.


Deep industry-specific expertise is at the core of Digia and IBM’s partnership

IBM has been Digia’s technology partner for over a decade. Digia is IBM’s Premier Business Partner, which means that it has demonstrated superior expertise and success in providing solutions.

IBM’s technology is applied in multichannel electronic service solutions, added value integration products and services as well as industry-specific solutions that support business, for example.

In total, Digia has more than 100 integration experts, over 30 certificates for IBM’s integration tools (such as Broker, IIB, MQ and DataPower) as well as several experts in the following areas: Cast Iron, API Management, BPM and MQ MFT. We have strong expertise in combining integration work and the DevOps operating model in a multi-provider environment while taking account of the operating models and procedures the customer already uses.



Silver  Partner – Fastest growing commerce-platform in the world


InRiver   Partner of the year 2015


Nordic market leader in product information management



Rich Relevance

Global leader in personalized commerce


Logentia is the first transport management software and expert company to offer the benefits provided by the transparency of transport agreements to the industry, wholesalers and online retailers. With Logentia’s solutions, our customers can invite tenders from transport companies based on Unifaun’s transport order requests and choose the transport company they want to use. The service is a part of Digia’s logistics process, and it also includes the option of adding the real transport charges to the sales invoice based on the customer’s current transport agreement.

OneWay Sanomanvälitys Oy

OneWay Sanomanvälitys Oy is our trusted partner in message transformation and transmission services (EDIFACT and FINVOICE). Together we offer solutions for electronic message communications in the order-delivery chain of trade and industry, especially in the Microsoft Dynamics AX and Digia Enterprise ERP systems. For the transport and logistics industry, our cooperation enables message transmission solutions for the Digia Logistics ERP system. We take care of both the electronic connections related to the value chain of customs clearance and the communications in international operation.

Globe Software

Globe Software’s Atlas expands the usability of AX by providing an effective, two-way Excel user interface to make interfaces, reporting and conversions more efficient.

HiGH Software

HiGH Software’s Dynarent has been developed to make the business processes used in industry more efficient, such as rental and equipment maintenance. Dynarent is used by several international companies in different fields around the world.


Unifaun is the transport system market leader in the Nordic countries. Digia has integrated Unifaun’s system into the logistics process. With the solution, we offer transparent delivery and logistics management all the way from the order to the goods reaching the customer.

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