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In many companies, the personnel are always on the move. Hence, it has become critical that the company IT systems support mobile work as well. Also, customers expect top notch user experience via smart phones and tablets. Digia has hundreds of man hours of experience and know-how from enhancing mobile work, multi channelled services and building consumer services for mobile devices. Applications we’ve implemented have risen to Top 3 in many market places and they’ve been downloaded to millions of users worldwide.

Make customer knowledge to a competitive edge

Regardless of the field of business, customers are starting to expect services to be available not only in web, but also appear better in-store and be accessible with a mobile device when in the move. By offering a lucid, channel independent service experience, a company can better meet customer expectations and build itself competitive edge at the same time.


Work efficiency

When looking for corner stones to companywide efficiency, one might want to pay attention to workflow management, situation awareness and fast decision making. Many technology related matters have matured to sufficient level during the last few years. As users already are accustomed to versatile mobile device utilisation, there’s no reason not to exploit mobility in enhancing company efficiency.


New business from mobility

Mobility moulds the existing business and creates all new business opportunities. New services, applications and digital content form an essential part of business to several companies, for example operators, media houses, gaming and software companies, information service companies and so on.


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