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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates all business-related information across an entire organization. In other words, ERP system is the mother of all systems in a company’s IT infrastructure. When choosing the right system for you, you want to have variety of choices, and some help in choosing the system.

Single type of system will serve best certain types of needs. In some cases, there’s no need to change the system at all, if for instance, there is a industry specific best of breed solution available.

Best of both worlds

Digia offers two different comprehensive ERP solutions, the Digia Enterprise ERP and the Microsoft Dynamics AX product. Both technologies offer solid base ERP system for managing e.g. sales, warehousing, production and financial processes. Both systems have also specific target groups, who find one system more suitable for their business than another.

Digia Enterprise is a leading domestic ERP-system in its target group. It suits well for Finnish organizations. The strongest user groups are found in wholesale sector and in manufacturing companies. Digia Enterprise has also specific industry verticals created for Food Services and Bakery industries.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a world’s leading Microsoft ERP solution that scales up to thousands of users. AX itself is easy-to-use and efficient ERP solution for variety of industries. On top of standard AX product Microsoft partner network provides hundreds of different industry verticals, which can be used for reducing risk in adding business value in an ERP project.

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