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Digia Smart Store is a concept that covers all the main information systems needed in the retail industry: chain management, store operations, multi-channel customer services, supply chain management and human resource management.

Intelligent information solutions will make a big difference in developing the industry in the future. The changes in the industry reflect in new business opportunities for example in multi-channel solutions, customer development and product and service innovations.

Intensifying competition and changes in customer expectations motivate retailers in the industry to reform processes and tools. To ensure possibilities in developing and maintaining customer experience, it is important to have integrated solutions that take the customers into account.

Digia Smart Store concept supports retailers in operational and strategic challenges. For example, it makes identifying weak signals of product demand, customer behavior and staff motivation easier. It also makes it possible to include staff in strategic decision-making. The Smart Store concept helps in achieving valuable competitive advantage through information solutions.

Digia Smart Store integrates store-level information, which allows employees to focus more on customers. Examples of combined solutions are electrical real-time price displays, mobile solutions for employees and POS systems.


Digia's solutions for retail chains:

  • Enterprise resource planning and financial management
  • Chain management
  • Logistics
  • Digital desks
  • Web-stores
  • Reporting and analyzing solutions

Digia's solutions for stores:

  • POS systems
  • Mobile solutions for employees
  • Self-service applications
  • Store automation

Long excperience

Digia is a leading integrator in retail and wholesale industry and a major system supplier. Digia has 20 years of experience in the industry and therefore possesses an excellent business understanding.

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